this used to be an active winamp skin site named "cover up" but since then, i have lost interest in making skins. however, i will still leave these up just in case people stumble upon this page and want to d/l.

skin of choryong 09/02
skin of choryong from a korean manga/manhwa entitled "NOW" ah, so orange! but its okay, because the white and grey balances it out. lets see...the shuffle repeat buttons are there, just hard to see, and there is a file in the .zip named eqmain2 that is a defunct equalizer, for those of you who like those sorta things.
skin of souma yuki 06/02
souma yuki skin from manga fruits basket. omg, it took so long to figure out where i wanted to go with this thing, but i think it turned out really well. oh, if u expand the playlist horizontally, u can see yuki as a rat, scanned from the back of vol. 2 of the manga, by me ^_^v
skin of kakyou
another kakyou skin. ^ ^ kakyou is very pretty. lolz, for most androgynous X character, ish a toss-up between nataku and kakyou! ^ ^ i got this image from an online gallery a long time ago, but i think the place shut down or something, cuz i tried the link recently and it didnt work! newayz, here is kakyou skin #2, kakyou in all his pale glory.
kakyou skin, picture courtesy of
look! it's kakyou! i think this is like...the 3rd kakyou skin out there. i'm glad i got to use this image. it's pretty.
argh...speaking of image, i gotta ask Val of for permission to use the pic! i hope she says yes! and if she doesnt, i guess this skin is going to go down, but if she does, it's up to stay!
everyone, hope she says yes!
skin of setsuna ina furry coat
my very first angel sanctuary skin ^^ i like it, do u like it? there is a defunct eq in the zip file named eqmain2.bmp or something like that, just check out the read-me file.
this image is courtesy of
desktop candy
as of now, i havent gotten their consent as to whether i can post the skin or not, SO until i DO get a reply, i am going to keep it up here, with a banner to their great wallpaper site!
sorata skin, picture courtesy of
it's sorata! i'm torn between hating the cluttered aspect of this skin, and loving it because it features sorata.
the original image is from
*sigh* such a messy skin...needs revamp.
green kenshin skin
i'm not really a big kenshin fan, but i think this is a nice skin. but that's because i'm kinda partial to the color green, lol! i'm not sure where i got this pic, my friend just sent me the URL.
so if the pic is yours, please tell me!
skinned picture of mutio and hayamii in the water
this skin looks really nice with everything except the equalizer window minimized, and it's still functional that way too!
this is the scene from blue submarine no.6 where mutio and hayamii first meet.
isn't it kool how the water is green?
skin of R. Dorothy Wayneright, from the Big O
i like this skin. it's pretty, and blue, and black. therefore, i like it.
for those of you who aren't familiar with this image, this skin features dorothy from the Big O
also, the equalizer and main windows are switched, sorry! it's kinda inconvenient, but that was the only way i could think of to make the skin work!
skin of all the weiß kreuz guys
the guys from Weiß Kreuz!
the visualization thingy should be turned off because it blocks ken's face.
but if for some reason, you don't like ken, or u HAVE to see the vis. thingy, turn it on.
skin of sailor venus
ahhh! this stupid thing is so orange!
sailor venus is kool. she's no outer senshi, but she's kool.
this skin is kinda messy...
skin of sm couple kissing
i do not like sailor moon. not really. but this pic looks nice as a skin.'s a pretty pic, if this is the kinda stuff you like ^^
sorry, no playlist editor!
skin of sakura, fanart y sydney
this is a gift skin to sydney from
this skin features a fanart of carcaptor sakura, by none other than sydney! the picture is kawaii, ne?
i promised this skin a while ago, i'm so sorry that it's so late!
this does not include a playlist editor, sorry sydney!